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House Painters in Ottawa: We keep Your Space Looking Like New

 University Painters has some design expertise after so many years in the business, and we're ready to attend to every minute detail of your painting project. Whenever you need house painters in the Ottawa area, we're here to help you! From ceilings to baseboards to exterior doors, we’ll give your home that polished, well-kept look.

A fresh coat of paint can really work some wonders on a home. With the proper colour choice and application, paint can create a warm, welcoming feel, showcase your personality and even improve the value of your property. Plus, it's so much fun browsing through all of your colour options!

If you are interested in organic house flow and colour schemes to match throughout, we have all the tools and knowledge to help create the atmosphere you are looking to achieve. Colour plays a large role in how you want yourself and others to feel while in your home. Picking a colour is the first step; we make sure our Ottawa-based house painters execute the proper techniques to make sure the colours you pick are represented clearly and neatly.

Interior and Exterior House Painters

We're eager to transform your new construction or existing building. We have an eye for detail and will complete your project quickly and efficiently, no matter how big or small it may be. University Painters can paint your building or home from top to bottom, both inside and out. Sure, you can paint your own home, but do you have the time and the right tools? We do, and we can save you your spare time, a big mess and more money.

Our Favourite Products

Part of our success lies in the fact that we have always used quality, eco-friendly products. Although University Painters is perfectly willing to use any paint product you request, we typically use the following:

Staining Services

University Painters offers full staining services from preparation (sanding, stripping, washing, and conditioning) to professionally applied top coats of the highest quality stains available on the market. Every stain job is unique and and therefore, expert advice from University Painters is paramount.

We all love the beauty of natural wood surfaces. Unfortunately, the weather in Ottawa is very hard on wood. That is why we offer our expertise to customize a job description, including product recommendations, tailored to each job and its unique challenges. Please contact us for your free personalized scope of work and consultation.

Contact the House Painters Ottawa Trusts

We'll paint your new home or multi-unit housing complex with picture-perfect results! Let University Painters show you the difference a professional paint job can make. Give us a call today! Our commercial and house painters in Ottawa will be more than happy to answer a few questions.


Improve Your Property’s Aesthetics

Hire us for to carry out your painting project.

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