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Professional Exterior Painting in Ottawa

 Your home's exterior speaks volumes about you. Make a lasting impression with a well-maintained and modern look! Our skilled painters can rejuvenate any exterior finishes, giving them a spotless appearance. We take pride in delivering exceptional service for exterior painting in Ottawa, tailored to your needs. At University Painters, we understand the unique climate of Ottawa and specialize in exterior painting services, using premium paints that endure its challenges. Enhance your property's curb appeal with our expert touch. Don't settle for anything less than the best. Request a free quote today for exterior painting in Ottawa and let University Painters, a leading name in the industry, elevate the charm of your property through our professional painting services.




University Painters recommends the below essential maintenance tips to preserve the beauty and longevity of your exterior painting.

  • House washing: It eliminates contaminants that harm your paint. Organic material can decrease the longevity of the paint.

  • Maintain landscaping: Ensure proper air circulation around your house by trimming bushes and redirecting sprinklers. Avoid moisture buildup, which invites fungi, rot, and pests.

  • Check gutters and downspouts: This should be done regularly to prevent water overflow that damages paint and surfaces.  It would help if you considered prioritizing caulking and wood sealing for effective energy-saving and waterproofing.


Keep your exterior paint pristine with University Painters' expert exterior painting in Ottawa. Contact us now!



Meet the University Painters team - professional painters dedicated to beautifying your home or business with exceptional exterior painting in Ottawa. With James, Jimmy, and Will, boasting a combined half-century of experience, expect meticulous paint jobs every time. We navigate pitfalls effortlessly.

Contact us today for all your exterior painting projects, residential or commercial, in Ottawa. We're ready to serve you year-round, providing a free estimate for our services.

We are proud award-winning painters, having received the Minister's Award for Outstanding Achievement from the Ontario Ministry of Skills Development. University Painters holds an honourable position as a Better Business Bureau honour roll member.




Experience expert exterior painting services in Ottawa with University Painters.

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